Brown feels welcome at Arizona

Shun Brown feels right at home with Arizona. Read on to see why that is and more.

Arizona had already made a big splash in Louisiana before Shreveport athlete Shun Brown committed, but the Wildcats were able to lure him in by making him feel welcome within the program.

”I feel very good and comfortable with Arizona,” Brown said. “Things are great and everything is just perfect. I have been keeping in touch and I think that we are both great fits for each other.”

One of the biggest factors in Brown’s recruitment was his official visit to Tucson during the season.

”I’m very excited about Arizona,” he said. “I made my official visit when they played USC and it was just awesome. I was blown away. It was a great place with a great atmosphere. It was just where I wanted to be.

”I got to see how they played and how I would really fit into their system. I just saw myself being able to play there and live there and go to school there.”

During the trip, Brown continued to be amazed at the atmosphere around the city.

”The weather was fantastic when I was there,” Brown said. “Tucson is a beautiful place. Seeing the mountains was great. Everything was close and everyone felt like a big family there.

”It was the coaches, the players, and the fans. I was there and when I met new people, some of them probably didn’t even know who I was or that I was even thinking about going to Arizona and everyone felt like they were family. The vibe is just great.”

Heading into the visit, the athlete wasn’t sure about playing so far away from home, but his relationship with the coaches got him to make the trip.

”I was a little shaky at first because I had never been to Arizona before,” Brown said. “The offensive coordinator, Coach Magee, is from New Orleans, so he was telling me that once I got there, I would love it. I told him I’d visit and once I got there, I really did love it.”

The relationship between Magee and Brown continued to develop and ultimately played a vital role in his commitment.

”Coach Magee always stayed with me,” Brown said. “I would call him to chat and he would call me as much as possible within the rules and we built a strong connection. That was really important to me during the process.”

Magee and the rest of the Arizona staff weren’t the only ones recruiting Brown, though. They got some help from a few other recruits as well.

”My friend Orlando (Bradford) was already committed and he was always telling me good things and asking me when I was going to commit,” he said. “At the time, Shea Patterson was also committed and so he was in my ear a lot too about going to Arizona.”

As for the future, Brown isn’t sure where he will play when he gets to Tucson, but he is ready to get there and find out.

”I don’t know what they are going to do with me yet,” Brown said. “I know that they want to look at me on both sides of the ball, but I think the coaches will start me at receiver when I get there. I may also be working out to return kickoffs for the start of the season.

”I just need to get to campus and find my spot so that I can get the ball rolling.”

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