Clark hoping to start a pipeline

Darrell Clark is hopeful that more players from New Orleans will join him at Arizona. Read on to see what he says about that possible pipeline, why he is a Wildcat, and more.

The state of Louisiana and, more specifically, the city of New Orleans may be an outlier in the Rodriguez recruiting terrain, but expect the flow of recruits from this area to continue.

Arizona lead recruiter Calvin Magee is universally respected in the Pelican State and Arizona is gambling that some of the lesser-heralded prospects are underrated because of the plethora of football talent in New Orleans.

New Orleans (La.) Warren Easton 2015 wide receiver Darrell Clark seems to fit that mold.

Coming up just short of the thousand yard mark, Clark still chipped in 8 touchdowns for a team that featured one of the nation’s best receiving corps.

“Playing with all those guys made me a much better player,” Clark said. “I didn’t mind playing with so many D-I guys because I’m always going to be around really good players.

"It can be easy to overlook guys because everyone is really fast and good, but sometimes if you don’t have the biggest frame you might not completely stick out.”

Clark’s recruitment heated up once the season ended.

“Southern Miss wanted me and at the end Miami starting to pick up it’s recruitment, but when Arizona started calling and I was able to go on a visit there, it was obvious that I was going to commit at some point," Clark said.

“The coaches don’t care about the highest ranked players, they want guys that just love football and a lot of those guys come from my city.”

The Louisiana-centric recruiting focus utilized by the Arizona coaching staff impressed Clark.

“When you are going away for college, it’s easier when you know a bunch of people also going or you know somebody on the coaching staff that everyone is familiar with," he said.

“I think more and more New Orleans kids will come here because they’ll see us doing well and they will want to be in the same position when some of the bigger schools overlook them.”

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