Scooby draws Franklin to Arizona

Scooby Wright's success this past season drew Kendal Franklin to Arizona. Read on to see why that is and more.

Scooby Wright’s success is paying off for the Arizona football program in a myriad of ways. National attention and respect for the UA football program is a given, but Wright is already drawing in recruits dreaming of becoming the next Scooby Wright.

“It was amazing to watch the kind of impact he had on the team this season,” said incoming recruit New Orleans (La.) Warren Easton 2015 weak-side defensive end Kendal Franklin. “He’s an inspiration for many reasons.

"He wasn’t a highly rated guy, but he came in and worked and was tenacious. Then once the coaches saw everything he could do, they moved him around and unleashed him.

“I want to come in and have the same impact. Maybe put up over a 100 tackles, lead the nation in tackles for loss and win freshman of the year. It’s not impossible because Scooby did it.”

As is usually the case with a New Orleans player, Calvin Magee was a major factor in the commitment.

“To have a coach like Coach Magee there means everything," Franklin said. "He has a really good reputation down here and he knows a few of my family members. He is a guy that everyone trusts me to go play for. I couldn’t be happier about my decision.”

Franklin has already learned the value of building a program the right way.

“I came to my high school and we were coming off a 4-6 season, and it wasn’t like we brought in a ton of all stars," Franklin said. "We just worked out on and off the field as a team and we had total faith in the coaches’ plans.”

The New Orleans linebacker sees many similarities with what’s going on in Tucson.

“Coach Rodriguez got there and Arizona was really struggling," he said. "He immediately got the guys on the team that he needed and if you weren’t working together you weren’t going to play.

"I want that kind of discipline and I want to become the kind of player that other guys want to me to be like.”

Franklin believes that his spirited play is something that can’t be replicated.

“Nobody will play harder than me," he said. "I might come across some guys that are better at something, but I won’t come across someone who is more focused on the goal. And that means something. Scooby has shown that.”

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