Signing Day Awards: Best Defensive Player

There are plenty of options for the best defensive player in this class. Read on to see who each staff member of thinks it is.

Michael Luke: I don’t see Demetrius Flannigan making an immediate impact, but the potential is there. Flannigan has always been the lanky kid who looked more like a basketball player, but over the past two years he started to fill out and has become the new prototype defensive back.

Flannigan’s athleticism is off the charts and it wouldn’t be a surprise to see him develop into an all-conference caliber player.

Cody James Martin: He may not even end up at cornerback for the Wildcats, but Shun Brown is in the same talent class as Cam Denson.

Brown can play on both sides of the ball effectively as was seen in his dominant play this season. It wouldn't be a surprise if he wound up on either side of the ball, but my money is on Brown being one of the defensive standouts of the class.

Jason Scheer: Dane Cruikshank will instantly add athleticism to Arizona's defense. He won't be on campus for long because he is a junior college player and there are concerns because he is getting a late start, but there is plenty of talent there.

Arizona is in need of defensive backs to play right away and at 6-foot-2, Cruikshank is ready physically as well. He may not wind up being an all-conference player, but he will be exactly what Arizona needs.

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