Getting to know Darick Holmes

Darick Holmes is one of the best wide receivers in the west. Read on to get to know him better.

Favorite NFL Team: Indianapolis Colts. My dad played for Indianapolis, so guys like Peyton Manning and Marvin Harrison would be at the house shooting pool. I was like seven years old and I have always loved the Colts.

Players you model your game after: Players nowadays, I am a quick slot guy like Tavon Austin. Also, Brandin Cooks. Edelman. I can help in the return game and also play in the slot position.

Favorite Music: I will pretty much listen to everything. Being a Pasadena guy, I listen to all kinds of music.

If you're not playing football, you are: Working out or playing basketball. My dad gets on me about playing basketball because he worries about my ankle. If I would have grown, I probably would have played basketball instead of football.

Looking forward to playing the most: Traveling around with my father and Keyshawn Johnson, I know a lot of people now. Every time we play someone, I will pretty much know someone on every team, even in out of conference play.

Pre-game ritual: I have to take a shower before every game. I have to be clean. I feel heavy like there is a lot of dirt weighing me down if I don’t

Favorite football memory: Freshman year at John Muir and we played in the Rose Bowl. My father played there and we played in Tampa Bay Stadium where he played also. We played in two prestigious stadiums and I know a lot of kids don’t have a chance to do that.

Signing Day Plans: Ventura County has a big thing for the top kids that are in the area signing. My father and I are doing something at the school too, I think early in the morning. As soon as we get over there, we’re going to send the fax

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