Getting to know Finton Connolly

Finton Connolly will be used off the edge once he arrives to Arizona. Read on to get to know him beyond football.

Favorite NFL team: Arizona Cardinals. I have been rooting for them since I was little

Players you model your game after: J.J. Watt just for what he stands for and what he is doing on the field. He is selfless and all about his team. Also, Gronk because he is a crazy, wild guy that puts it out there and that’s what I like to do

If you are not playing football, you're: Doing homework mostly, but I try to really just lift weights and focus on school

Team you want to face the most: Arizona State. The rivalry is pretty good. I can't wait to be a part of it. it is a nasty kind of rivalry and I can’t wait to play those guys. ASU has a good team and it should be fun

Favorite food: Big, juicy hamburger

Signing Day Plans: I am going to have some teammates over and have a big BBQ and we will chill, watch some T.V. and just hang out outside

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