Mariscal bringing aggressive mentality

Anthony Mariscal reminds the Arizona coaching staff of Jared Tevis. Read on to see why that is, what brought him to Arizona, and more.

If Bakersfield (Calif.) Liberty safety Anthony Mariscal is anything like the player the Arizona coaching staff believes he reminds it of, Arizona fans won't have any complaints.

"They told me I will play the bandit like Jared Tevis," Mariscal said. "I have the physical mentality of never stopping and going at 100 percent all the time and ready to go.

"My style of play is very aggressive and I think that is why Arizona was recruiting me. I was underrated because of my size, but I am aggressive and hit when I need to and can cover as well."

For Mariscal, it was simply a matter of getting an offer.

"My sophomore year I went to their camp," he said. "Coach Caponi took me to the side and explained that he liked me a lot and wanted me to do some extra work. That is when I fell in love with the school."

In fact, Caponi played a large role in Mariscal's decision.

"He covers every mental and physical aspect," Mariscal said. "He gives you so much information and it is easy to understand because he is that good of a coach."

Mariscal's relationships at Arizona go beyond the coaching staff.

"The atmosphere on campus, everybody is friendly," he said. "It is sort of like home and the athletics and facilities at Arizona are amazing. It is great to be a part of everything that is happening over there.

"When I took my official I noticed everybody is close and in touch with each other. Everybody has each other’s back and it is a brotherhood like it is at my high school. Everybody is family once you step through those doors."

Now that he has signed, Mariscal does not have to worry about the recruiting process anymore.

"It is a big relief," he said. "It was a long process for me and it will be a relief for my parents and family also. There’s so much pressure off our shoulders once I sign that line.

"After I committed Oregon came after me, but I shut them down because I told them I am happy with Arizona."

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