Signing Day Personnel Notes

Rich Rodriguez discussed the 2015 class on Wednesday. Read on to see what he said about numerous players and more.

  • Keenan Walker is the top tackle in the west and although he is injured, Rich Rodriguez sees a ton of potential in him.

    "I thought Keenan was one of the best linemen in the state not just this past year, but the last couple years," Rodriguez said. "He got a knee injury in an all-star game and I don’t know if his availability will be there for the fall, but at some point he is going to be a really good player for Arizona. I think he can be a dominant player in the future."

  • Finton Connolly missed his senior year due to a knee injury, but Arizona's loyalty to him never wavered.

    "Finton was one of the first guys that committed to us and we liked everything we saw," Rodriguez said. "It was unfortunate that he got injured, but even if he couldn’t play any more after he committed to us, we still would have honored his scholarship.

    "Nowadays with technology and the things that are available, guys can come back from the injury Finton had even stronger than before. We honor our commitment and he honored his.

    "I think he is going to be a really good player. Seeing him on his visit, he is far enough along on his rehab that we think he will be 100 percent for the fall."

  • Paul Magloire was brought in to contribute right away and Rodriguez is happy with what he has seen so far.

    "He was a quarterback in the past and you can tell he is an athlete," he said. "This guy has a certain personality and love for football you want everybody to have.

    "You saw his athleticism with the different positions that he played and then getting to know him, he’s a guy that is going to enhance your locker room as far as loving football and let me learn whatever you want me to learn kind of guy."

  • Sam Morrison's father Darryl played at Arizona and that excitement carried over to his commitment.

    "We’re limited in recruiting, but I hear all the stories from mom and dad from their time on campus," Rodriguez said. "A great family and he comes from a great high school program.

    "You talk about a bright eyed, excited to be a Wildcat, and part of the Wildcat family for a long time, is Sammy and his family. When Coach Dews started talking about recruiting him, I was like ‘Are we chasing a ghost here?’

    "He has to fly over a lot of good schools to come over to our place, but they had some ties and made the effort to make an unofficial visit. It was natural to recruit him and he committed early and stayed with it."

  • Arizona continues to recruit players that have the ability to contribute on both sides of the ball.

    "The way we go through our process is that the position coach and coordinator and then myself have to approve them," Rodriguez said. "There are several guys in this class that were approved for either side and that gives us a little more flexibility and versatility.

    "Counting in this class because of the numbers is Davonte’ Neal. Two hours ago he got moved over to defense at his request and my approval because we need some help in the secondary and he wants to play over there and I think he can. He is still probably going to play some offense, but he is an example of a guy in this class numbers wise that is versatile to play on both sides of the ball.

    "We told these guys where we want them and they know their primary area. Cedric Peterson for example, we are going to start him out at wide receiver and I think that’s where he wants to go, but as he develops and as we go through the process, if it looks like he will play more on the other side, all of these guys I think are willing to do that."

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