Ashley finds common theme in losses

When looking at Arizona's losses, it is easy for Brandon Ashley to find the common theme. Read on to see what he feels that is, how to avoid it, and more.

After Saturday’s loss to Arizona State, when Brandon Ashley was asked what went into making the defense better, his answer was simple.

“It’s about being in a stance and being prepared,” Ashley said. “Just being ready I guess.”

When thinking about it further, he acknowledged the common thread in Arizona’s three losses this season.

“Focus,” he said. “I think in a lot of our losses, we have a common theme that we can’t defend.

“I think if we come in more focused and ready to defend, our defense falls into place for us.”

Focus should not be a problem when facing a rival and Ashley did not think it would be before Saturday’s game.

“We knew it wasn’t going to be easy any time you play a road game, especially a rivalry game,” Ashley said.

“We knew what to expect, but it is one thing to know what to expect and another thing to perform to the level of your ability.”

The difference in Arizona being successful for the rest of the season revolves around one major aspect.

“Without a doubt, defense,” Ashley said. “Every time we lose games it is because defense. Every time we have won we have played pretty good defensive games.”

With about one month left in the regular season, Ashley does not believe that the Wildcats should have needed any sort of wakeup call.

“You would hope at this point of the season we don’t need a wakeup call any more,” he said. “With that being said we are at that point.

“In all honesty after a loss you can only go up. We are looking to go into the next game, play well, and finish the season strong.”

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