Jackson-Cartwright making progress

Parker Jackson-Cartwright continues to battle through a concussion. Read on for an update on his status, when he could possibly come back, and more.

It’s been nearly two weeks since Parker Jackson-Cartwright sustained a concussion against Oregon and the freshman point guard’s status remains up in the air.

“He’s really moving in the right direction,” Sean Miller said. “It’s just that with the information we have, and this is for all of our players, as much as you’d like to have him available if you rush that back the repercussions are too significant.

“If he gets hit and he’s not symptom-free, he could be out for a much longer time and it could damage him well beyond his time at Arizona. So we err on the side of caution.”

Jackson-Cartwright has made practice, but it is impossible to know when he will be ready to play.

“He’s working closely with doctors and with Justin Kokoskie,” Miller said. “If there were rungs on a ladder, he’s near the top, ready to climb on the roof.

“It’s just that takes two days, four days, five days, we’re not sure. It’s just a matter of him being symptom free and passing the concussion test. That’s about where he’s at right now.”

Arizona certainly could have used Jackson-Cartwright, but T.J. McConnell did not want to use his absence as an excuse.

“We could have definitely used Parker in the ASU game, but anybody who watches our team knows how bad we played,” McConnell said. “So Parker would have helped, but defensively is pretty much the reason we lost that game.”

In terms of roster management, Jackson-Cartwright’s injury forces other players to step up a bit more.

“It forces me to play more minutes and other people have to learn different positions to fill in,” McConnell said.

“Parker is a huge part of this team and he’s done as probably a good job as anybody could do at his position and what he’s done for us this year is the reason we are as good as we are. We miss him, but we wish him a speedy recovery.”

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