Terry epitomizes Arizona basketball

Sean Miller believes Jason Terry epitomizes Arizona basketball. Read on to see why that is and more.

Jason Terry will get his jersey retired on Thursday and Sean Miller could not be any happier when discussing his meaning to the program.

"I think Jason Terry represents all of the qualities that you would really want in a player," Miller said. "The fact that he was the sixth man on the national championship team says a lot about who he is as a teammate and how unselfish he is.

"Imagine in today’s college basketball world, how many premier players as a college junior would volunteer to be a sixth man. It doesn’t happen a whole lot. Most are offended they are still in school in their junior year."

In addition, the path that Terry took while at Arizona should be impressive to any basketball fan.

"The second part of him that’s amazing is that he leaves his junior year as a national champion and sixth man on a team and then works tirelessly, takes on a new role, and becomes the national player of the year in his last year," Miller said.

"That says a lot about how hard he works at the game, what a great competitor he was, and how good of a player he was here at the UA."

Not only was Terry one of the best players in the country while at Arizona, but he has had a successful career in the NBA as well.

"So many players have great college careers, but when you follow them beyond they don’t have the same type of career professionally," Miller said. "When you look at his professional career, it is amazing.

"The fact he won a state championship in high school, the national championship at Arizona, and a world championship with the Dallas Mavericks, he has been the NBA Sixth Man of the Year.

"Everything he has done, he is the standard when you’re a player at Arizona that you look at and say that is why I came here, to play in a program that a guy like this played at."

Terry is unique in that he chose to stay in school and Miller drew comparisons to a recent Wildcats when discussing that decision.

"Solomon was different in that he entered his junior year and Solomon has a lot of those qualities you love about a Jason Terry in that everybody has a fire that burns inside them as an athlete," he said.

"Some burn bigger. Solomon’s fire was amazing. You don’t become who they become without working every day. It takes a unique person to listen to their college coach today about whether they should leave or stay because most of the time you’re cut out of that."

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