Season in Review: Tight End

Arizona did not use much of a tight end last season, but that is likely to change. Read on to see why that is and more.

Arizona may not have used a tight end much last season, but that is expected to change as soon as this season, especially considering the players that Rich Rodriguez is bringing in.

Although the Wildcats did not use a tight end as a primary position, Austin Hill actually saw a good chunk of time at the position.

He finished with 49 catches for 635 yards and four touchdowns with those numbers coming at multiple positions.

In fact, Hill’s best role at the end of the season may have been at more of a H-back position, as he was consistently used as Anu Solomon’s main blocker.

While it is easy to assume that Arizona will once again use the H-back role, the Wildcats certainly have some options.

For starters, we still don’t know where Trevor Wood is going to wind up. He was moved to defensive end in early September and did not get much playing time throughout the season.

The main reason he was on the defensive side of the ball is because of a complete lack of depth, but the coaching staff went out and fixed that issue in the off-season. It’s possible Wood stays on defense, but he shouldn’t be needed on the line as much as he was last season.

There's also increased depth at tight end and that starts with Darrell Cloy. The freshman may need to redshirt, but he is skilled enough to contribute in some capacity this season.

Cloy is known to be a solid blocker and has often mentioned that he intends to play numerous positions. Really, the only question with Cloy is if he is going to be able to pick up everything quick enough and it certainly helps that he is already on campus.

Matt Morin is another guy that is going to be expected to play right away. As a junior college player, Morin and his 6-foot-2, 240-pound frame are physically ready.

As of now, Morin is probably a better athlete than Cloy. He has played quarterback in the past and it helps with his ability to pick up both offensive and defensive schemes.

Arizona has had some inconsistencies with junior college recruiting, as does most teams. Because of this, we don’t know what to expect of Morin. The coaching staff is under the impression he will be ready to play, however.

Incoming freshman Brion Anduze isn’t going to be expected to contribute right away, but that isn’t a knock on him. It’s simply because he is a freshman and when you look at the percentages, it is more common that one doesn’t contribute immediately.

The reality with each of these players is that as much as Rich Rodriguez says he is going to use a tight end, this is the season where people will want to see it on the field.

Arizona has the players in place and Rodriguez is absolutely a smart enough coach to utilize a tight end in the offense, so it will be interesting to see how the coaching staff uses one going forward.

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