Arizona taking it one game at a time

Arizona will face Colorado on Thursday. Read on to see what Sean Miller has to say about the Buffs and more.

Saturday's game may be getting more attention than Thursday's against Colorado, but that does not have an impact on Arizona.

“I don’t think that is a worry for us really because of our history with Colorado," Sean Miller said. "They have always been such a great team. In fairness to them this year, there hasn't been a team maybe that's played this season that has been decimated by injuries more than Colorado has.

"Coming into the year I would have said Josh Scott would have been a lock to be a first team All Pac-12 player. He’s played in roughly half the schedule, not even half the Pac-12. When you come back from an injury, you just don't all of a sudden return to form.

"Xavier Johnson has missed quite a bit of time, Askia Booker has missed a game. It is unfair to judge them by who their team is this year, because they haven't been at full strength until now. Because of that, our players respect their players, we respect their team and Tad Boyle does one of the best jobs of anybody in our game."

Scott's inability to stay healthy has seemingly hurt Colorado the most.

"If he would have been with Colorado from start to finish and not missed any time, I think they would be in the NCAA tournament like they have been the last three years," Miller said.

"He is a big, big difference. He is an all-conference player and a veteran player, somebody who is in his third year and he’s been a huge factor like a lot of Colorado’s players since they walk in as a freshman.

"The good news for Colorado and bad news for everybody else is that this is really the first time they have had a great stretch of health where they have had their entire team, now practicing, playing games, and they will be a tough out no matter who plays them."

With Utah's loss to Oregon this past weekend, the significance of this week is not lost on Arizona.

“I think our team has always been bent on trying to compete for the Pac-12 title,” Miller said. “I know compete doesn’t mean win, but you want to have a team that here we are in late February with four games left, you hope with two games left that you have an opportunity to be first. We’ve had that as a goal.

“Guys who were here a year ago when we won it. Obviously, without me even stating that as a goal, if you were them you would feel like ‘Hey we want to do it again.' But we have to control the next four games that we play. The minute you start cheering for or against (somebody to help you) inevitably it seems like it boomerangs and all of a sudden it’s like it didn’t really matter. You lost.

“For us it’s all about winning in Boulder. If you win in Boulder, if you beat a healthy Colorado team and get a hard road win, it’s a three-game season.”

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