Miller speaks up on court storming

With the court storming incident between Kansas and Kansas State, the issue has been put to the forefront of college basketball. Read on to see what Sean Miller thinks of the issue.

When weighing the pros and cons of court storming, Sean Miller has difficulty finding any of the positives.

"It’s really, to me, unnecessary in many ways," Miller said. "If you think about it, there’s only one thing that can happen and that’s bad. What’s the good? If a punch is thrown, to me, the people that would pay the dearest penalty would be the players and the coaches, not the fans.

"Yet, if a player or a coach went into the stands, what would happen? I don’t look at it as being necessary, but maybe that’s because I’m not going to watch anybody storm the court at McKale."

Miller believes that there is a part of court storming that goes against the sportsmanship aspect of the game.

"Part of the court storming that is lost in the shuffle is that many times you talk about you have to be a good sport and everybody focuses if you lose," Miller said.

"Yet, if you win, you can just act like a complete ass. If you say to yourself, does the winning team shake the losing team’s hand? Fundamentally, there are so many things that are wrong with it."

In addition, players have higher expectations for their actions.

"Some of the things that are said are offensive," Miller said. "Your natural reaction is to punch them. You can’t do that, but it happens fast and there's a ton of emotion. You have all of the makings of a disaster and it's up to you to show amazing restraint.

"It’s one thing to expect that from me, it’s different when you expect that from somebody who is 18 years old and this is the first time that anybody has ever called them that. The first time anybody has approached them like that, the first time anybody has stormed the court on them like that. Now all of a sudden it’s I can’t believe you did that."

So what's the best solution?

“If you penalize a program $100,000 for a court storming I bet you last night Bill Self wouldn’t have gotten jammed into the scorers table like he did,” Miller said.

"If you were Bill Self and Kansas and you get blasted into the scorer’s table, eventually you say to yourself you’re holding me to a standard, is there anybody else in the building that’s being held to any type of standard? I can see his cause for concern for sure.

"I would probably be in a long line of coaches saying that if you imposed a fine on that institution, that I would be willing to bet you that there would be no court storming or it would be much different."

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