Hollis-Jefferson ready for challenge

Rondae Hollis-Jefferson is ready for the upcoming road trip. Read on for his thoughts on this week, how he works well with Brandon Ashley, and more.

As Arizona gets ready to face Colorado on Thursday, Rondae Hollis-Jefferson has not intention of looking ahead to Utah.

"In those games that we lost, we kind of looked past the opponent," Hollis-Jefferson said. "As you can see, it ended in a loss for us.

"We just have to focus on the now, the present, and take it day by day and worry about our first game."

Arizona's front court has played well as of late and part of that is how well Hollis-Jefferson and Brandon Ashley complement each other.

"We kind of throw different looks at people," he said. "The things I am not so good at, Brandon is good at and vice versa. His game back to the basket is amazing.

"I try to steal some of his moves, but it doesn’t work that well. As far as my defense, he tries to implement those things to try to get better at it."

Earlier in the season, Askia Booker was able to drop 30 on Arizona. That performance is not one that Hollis-Jefferson has forgotten.

"That’s a big challenge, but I am sure our team’s ready for it," he said. "We don’t want that feeling again. For an individual guy to do that to us, it is kind of embarrassing.

"Us being a great defensive team, it kind of hurts. We will be a lot more focused and ready to shut him down."

There are only four games left in the season and that means that each game has equal importance for the Wildcats.

"Every week from here on out is a big week," Hollis-Jefferson said. "This is the homestretch for these teams in every conference.

"The great teams will keep accelerating and climbing up the mountain. Some will stay the same and some will fall off. We are trying to be one of the great teams."

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