York continues to improve

Gabe York continues to play the best basketball of his career. Read on to see what he says about the win over Utah and more.

Arizona had plenty of big plays in Saturday's win over Utah, but none may have been bigger than Gabe York's offensive rebound with 1:39 left that put the Wildcats up one.

"I give credit to Brandon on that one," York said. "He was working with whoever was down there. He was trying to get around, so he had to worry about blocking Brandon out and it left me a wide open lane.

"After I saw it bounce twice, I sort of just looked at myself and said I can go get this."

With the way that Arizona chooses to offensive rebound, York going for the board was a calculated risk.

"I knew I missed it right away," he said. "Ones and twos don’t get to offensive rebound. We have halfback, fullback. I saw a chance and went with it.

"I know I missed the free-throw, so I knew Coach may have been a little pissed off at me, so I just tried to make the play. I may have been taken out and yelled at a few times, so it is good I got the offensive rebound."

Arizona made some big shots at the end, but the win certainly would not have been possible without the Wildcats' defensive effort.

"We just had to get stops," York said. "Give credit to our defense. I think we played our hearts out. We dug deep and we fought and got the win.

"We have all been in big games. We dug deep defensively. When you have a team that can pick it up defensively at home and on the road, it makes it hard for teams to beat us."

The Wildcats are playing some of their best basketball of the season and a lot of that has to do with Sean Miller.

"I think we are getting better every day," York said. "In practice coach does a great job of not running us into the ground.

"He knows what to do for us to be successful and not tired in games. Give credit to him, he knows exactly what he is doing. He is a players’ coach."

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