Tarczewski reaching potential

Kaleb Tarczewski is playing the best basketball of his career. Read on to see why Sean Miller believes that is and more.

By now, it's no secret that Kaleb Tarczewski is playing the best basketball of his career. Sean Miller believes that one of the main reasons he is getting the attention he deserves his because of his scoring ability as of late.

"Everybody is on board now with Kaleb because he is scoring more and he’s catching the ball and doing a lot of things that I think anybody that is a fan can see," Miller said.

"The things that Kaleb does within the game really his whole career have been that he is in the right position on defense just about every possession. He’s big, he’s mobile, he’s really smart, and he loves contact.

"If you combine all of those elements, he is one of the reasons why our defense has improved and he’s one of the really key elements to our defense the last two and a half years."

Although the common fan may not recognize how important Tarczewski is, opposing coaches are quick to acknowledge his impact.

"I think other coaches who play against us would be the first to say no question (of his impact), because things that happen to other teams don’t happen to us," Miller said.

"Sometimes just because of him and his presence. It’s not because of his shot blocking or even his defensive rebounding as much as doing things the way he is supposed to do them very consistently."

There are plenty of big men that play physical basketball, but not many use that ability as intelligently as Tarczewski.

"Big guys, they either do or they don’t and sometimes if they do, they either foul a lot or don’t know how to do it in terms of how to embrace contact," Miller said.

"Kaleb has a pretty good sense about him in terms that he’s physical. If you have that height and you’re an intelligent player and a physical player, that is what makes you special."

In addition, Tarczewski has been one of Arizona's best practice players since arriving at Arizona.

"You don’t always see his value in the stat line, but you really do feel it," Miller said. "We practice a lot, have a lot more practices than games. I don’t think he’s missed a practice maybe other than an ankle injury for about four days.

"I think he has probably missed four days in three years and I would say in that every day that he’s gone, regardless of how it is personally going for him in a game, practice is the same way. That is also something you appreciate and respect about him."

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