3/5 Football Notebook

Arizona held its first practice of the spring on Wednesday. Read on to see what Rich Rodriguez had to say about how it went and more.

  • Rich Rodriguez is happy with how the first day of spring ball went and much of that has to do with the routine.

    "I thought it was good," Rodriguez said. "You expect a lot of enthusiasm and guys excited to be out here. We have great weather and the field is in great shape. I think we got better.

    "We have a lot of guys getting a lot of reps. I thought the flow was pretty good. Being the fourth spring, I think our guys understand how we are supposed to practice. The only ones that didn't know are the new guys and they have to fall in line."

  • Arizona still has some work to do to get into game shape, but that is expected so early in the spring.

    "Typically in spring our guys aren't in game shape," Rodriguez said. "It normally takes until the last couple practices of spring ball and I think that is the case now. I’m not worried about our game conditioning right now.

    "We’re in decent shape, we’re stronger, we’re faster, but we’ve just got so many fundamental things we have to work on to correct from last year and for our young guys to work on for the first time."

  • Rodriguez seemed a bit more laid back on Wednesday and that will be more consistent throughout the spring.

    "We don’t have a game," he said. "I’ll still get mad on occasion, but it’s not the same sense of urgency as we have in August. To me, it’s more of an opportunity for me to look at the big picture.

    "I got so concentrated on offense at times because I was calling plays. In the spring I pull back because I have offensive coaches like Coach Smith and Coach Magee, they can call the plays and all that. I will take more of a big picture look in the spring."

  • Tyrell Johnson is participating in both track and football, but will spend the majority of time on the field.

    "He won’t miss anything unless he is competing for a National Championship," Rodriguez said. "He’s fast, fast. There’s some guys that think they are fast and if they think they are fast, race T.J.

    "He will be here every practice. I hope we have more guys that can contribute, but I don’t want them to do it just to do it. They have to be contributing. If he is running and he is the fifth fastest guy on the track team, he is wasting his time, but he must be one of the fastest ones."

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