Phillips excited to be back

Nate Phillips is back from a broken foot and is fully participating in spring ball. Read on to see how it feels to be back and more.

On Wednesday, wide receiver Nate Phillips returned to practice for the first time since breaking his foot in November.

"It felt good," Phillips said. "This is the first time I have ran around, done routes, and used a football. Coming out the first day, it felt good to be back."

Phillips was not able to do too many football related activities, but still worked on staying in shape.

"I did some with the trainers, but nothing compares to being out here running routes and plays as fast as we do," he said. "It will get there, but it will probably take a couple weeks.

"I haven’t done anything for like three and a half, four months, so it was definitely good to be back."

Not only was Phillips happy with how he performed on Wednesday, but was impressed with his teammates as well.

"Us being together longer, you build that chemistry and I know for the offense, the one and two groups are going fast and doing what we normally do," he said. "We looked good out there, I liked it."

Spring ball deals a lot with fundamentals, but it is the competition that Phillips enjoys the most.

"The competition is exciting," he said. "Since there is no game planning, there is a lot of competition between us and the defense for bragging rights up until fall camp when there is even more competition."

Rich Rodriguez will not name a starter in the spring, but it would be a surprise if it was anybody other than Anu Solomon.

"Similar to how we go fast, we don’t really have that learning period with who is going to be the guy," Phillips said.

"Anu is not slotted in as the starter, but we kind of have the idea he is going with the ones and we move forward and put more things into the offense that can help us."

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