Solomon wants to be better

When watching his performance last season, Anu Solomon sees a quarterback that can be better. Read on to see why that is and more.

Anu Solomon is healthier than he was at any point in the second half of last season and is now working to improve.

"I felt good, better than I was the last six weeks of our season, Solomon said. "I want to get better at everything. Obviously putting more emphasis on my pocket presence, accuracy, leadership, and clock management."

Now only that, but Solomon wants to get physically stronger as well.

"We did test results this past week and these guys did a good job of getting me ready and getting me faster and apparently I got a 4.69," he said. "They are doing a good job.

"I am just trying to get stronger so I can take on those hits from the linebackers. With this offense, if you’re not healthy you can’t be a threat to the defense. I am working on getting stronger so I don’t weaken at the end of the season."

Solomon has watched the Fiesta Bowl numerous times and hopes to improve from the experience.

"It hurt the next couple of weeks, but other than that, the game is done with," he said. "I can’t do anything now and I have to move on.

"I watched the tape and the majority of the defenses will run that scheme. It is hard at times watching that film, but we have to do that and face it.

"I kept throwing ever since the Boise State game. I am staying on that grind and working to get better every day."

As well as Solomon played at times last year, he is still approaching practice with the mentality that he is not yet the starter for next season.

"It’s the same thing this year," Solomon said. "The job is still open, nothing is guaranteed. I have to earn the job.

"I say to myself that I looked sloppy at times and shaking my head watching the film. I usually get it down during the mental phase, but I was disappointed in myself. This year it is about working on the things I need to in order to prevent that from happening."

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