Wallace aware of challenge Wildcats bring

Tyrone Wallace knows of the challenge ahead. Read on to see what he sad to say about Wednesday's win, Arizona, and more.

California defeated Washington State on Wednesday to advance to play Arizona in the quarterfinals of the Pac-12 Tournament.

The Golden Bears dominated Washington State due in large part to its offensive effort.

“I think it makes it that much easier for everybody on the team when guys are hitting shots,” Tyrone Wallace said. “Jordan Matthews came out and he was hot and made a few three threes.

“Then the lane opens up for guys like David Kravish and that gives me more seams because they have to go down and double. We just picked our poison today. Everybody was able to get a share and everybody had fun.”

The Golden Bears ended the game with the starters on the bench, but Wallace doesn’t believe those few minutes will make much of a difference on Thursday.

“I think it definitely helps to get our guys that play regular minutes on the bench and get some rest, but regardless I still think we would be ready for tomorrow,” he said.

In the previous meeting between Arizona and Cal, the Wildcats won 99-60.

“It is a good opportunity,” Wallace said. “We definitely don’t like what happened last game, it wasn’t really a game.

“David got in foul trouble and when he gets in foul trouble it is harder for us because we can’t throw to the post like we want to. Guys weren’t making shots and it was one of those games where we just weren’t in it.”

When discussing the strengths of Arizona, Wallace had plenty to point to.

“They’re really good one through five, one through seven actually,” he said. “They come off the bench and they are big and athletic.

“They do a really good job of taking away what you want to do. They are a good team and they are strong on the glass. If you can keep them off the glass, you will have a good chance.”

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