York not worried about nerves

Gabe York is not worried abut early nerves tomorrow. Read on to see how he plans to overcome them and more.

Gabe York remembers last season’s tournament game against Weber State and what he felt like when the ball was tipped.

“For me, that was the first tournament game I ever played in and that was the first for T.J. also,” York said. “It was something where we just had to settle ourselves down a little bit and understand we were a number one seed for a reason and got there for a reason, so we just had to play.

“In the beginning stages, it is going to be like that. I just feel like everybody is so happy to be in that situation.”

There are still freshmen on Arizona, but York does not expect similar feelings.

“I think now it will be different because most of us have been through this,” he said. “For the people that haven’t been through this, the people that have can tell them that they will be fine. Just go out and play basketball the way you know how to and everything will take care of itself.”

Even if there are some nerves, it shouldn’t take long for York and company to calm down.

“It had to come rather quick,” York said of calming his nerves. “This year it will be that when the five players are out there, I will be on the bench and calming myself down. It should be easier this year than it was last year.”

Most people expect Arizona to win easily on Thursday, but York does not believe that adds pressure.

“I think Coach Miller has a game plan and he draws it up for us,” York said. “We focus on that game plan and if we do that, we’re usually successful.

“We don’t take anybody for granted, so we’re going into the game like it is the Sweet 16 or Elite 8. We’re ready to play and I think that will show.”

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