McConnell wants killer instinct

T.J. McConnell wishes Arizona would have shown more killer instinct Thursday. Read on to see why and more.

When discussing Thursday's performance, T.J. McConnell did not mince any words.

"I don’t think we played our best basketball at all," McConnell said. "Offensively I thought we were fine, but defensively was probably one of the worst performances we’ve had all year."

Arizona got off to a fast start, but the lack of intensity had nothing to do with the big lead.

"It’s not difficult at all to maintain intensity," McConnell said. "It’s a mindset and we didn’t have that today. They were going by all of us. It wasn’t just one guy, it was all of us."

"They gave us a little bit of a cushion, but that is an opportunity to put a team away at that point. We kind of did, but I thought if we buckled down on defense it wouldn’t even have been close."

As of now, McConnell can't point to why the defense struggled.

"I honestly have no clue, but we’re going to fix it on Saturday," he said. "Just one on one, people not defending, especially myself. It was just ridiculously bad."

After the game, McConnell was made aware of the other upsets and believes the Wildcats could have been in Baylor or Iowa State's place.

"If we played defense like that against UAB or Georgia State, we would be in the same position," he said. "I just don’t think Texas Southern could get over the hump against us, but our defense was very bad and our offense was clicking on all cylinders."

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