Breakdown: Arizona vs. Xavier

Arizona will face off against Xavier in the Sweet Sixteen. Read on to find out more about the game, including statistics, a positional breakdown, and more.

Xavier vs. Arizona
Mar 26 at 7:17 pm
Staples Center


Big East
Head Coach (Record w/ school)
Sean Miller (162-51)
Chris Mack (134-70)
Overall Record
33-3 (.912)
23-13 (.638)
Location Record
8-0 (1.000) on neutral court
5-3 (0.625) on neutral court
Scoring/G: PF&PA(Rank)
76.4 (20)
58.6 (15)
73.7 (37)
67.3 (194)
Scoring Margin (Rank)
17.8 (3)
6.3 (61)
Blocks/G (Rank)
3.6 (152)
2.9 (238)
Rebound Margin/G: RM (Rank)
8.8 (2)
3.9 (62)
S (Rank)
7.2 (67)
6 (196)
Assists/G: A(Rank)
14.2 (67)
16.3 (9)
Field-Goal Percentage: FG%(Rank)
48.9 (6)
47.7 (22)
Three-Point Field-Goal Percentage: 3FG%(Rank)
36 (97)
35.6 (116)
Field-Goal Percentage Against: FG%(Rank)
39.2 (26)
43.6 (203)
Coaches' Poll
AP Poll
6 (.6563)
30 (.5910)
2 (.9693)
23 (.8593)
Adjusted Offensive Efficiency (Rank)
116 (11)
113.1 (21)
Adjusted Defensive Efficiency (Rank)
86.4 (3)
96.6 (58)
Leading Scorer (Avg.)
Fr. F - Stanley Johnson (14.1)
Sr. C - Matt Stainbrook (12)
Leading Rebounder (Avg.)
So. F - Rondae Hollis-Jefferson (6.8)
Sr. C - Matt Stainbrook (6.8)
Assists Leader (Avg.)
Sr. G - T.J. McConnell (6.4)
Sr. G - Dee Davis (6.1)
Point Guard

PG: PG: T.J. McConnell (6-1, 195, Sr.) vs. Dee Davis (6-0, 161, Sr.)

Davis is a very good defender, but his ability isn’t going to be on full display in a 1-3-1 zone. Davis may be the most important player offensively in the sense that he gets things going, especially if Xavier tries to get out in transition. McConnell is the better point guard and when he plays like he did against Ohio State, there may not be one better. We can’t see him performing poorly against a 1-3-1 zone and he’s good enough to keep Davis’ shooting in check.
Shooting Guard

SG: Stanley Johnson (6-7, 245, Fr.) vs. Remy Abell (6-4, 200, Jr.)

Abell has absolutely no chance of guarding Johnson man to man, which is one of the main reasons Xavier will go zone. As long as Johnson is focused, he should be fine defensively. Abell does not take many bad shots and can hit them from behind the arc, so Johnson needs to be careful on screens. Xavier’s zone is going to open things up quite a bit for Johnson and you can make the argument that this is a great opportunity for him to have a career game.
Small Forward

SF: Rondae Hollis-Jefferson (6-7, 220, So.) vs. Trevon Blueitt (6-6, 215, Fr.)

It’s safe to say that Blueitt has never seen a defender like Hollis-Jefferson. His shooting has really struggled as of late, but the ability is there and that makes guys like him scary. It’s hard to imagine his offense is going to get going against the best wing defender in the country. Hollis-Jefferson is going to have 15 foot jumpers available to him throughout the game and his most important role may be finding the creases and setting up teammates like he did against the Buckeyes.
Power Forward

PF: Brandon Ashley (6-9, 230, Jr.) vs. James Farr (6-9, 237, Jr.)

Farr is one of Xavier’s best rebounders, but he is not in great shape and thus plays about 20 minutes per game. Ashley is going to have a difficult matchup and there will be some pressure on him to do better than he did in his previous game. Farr is not a guy he is going to be able to push around, but Ashley can certainly step out and have open jumpers with that zone. If Ashley is hitting the 15 footer, Xavier doesn’t have much of a chance of winning this game.

C: Kaleb Tarczewski (7-0, 245, Jr.) vs. Matt Stainbrook (6-10, 263, Sr.)

Stainbrook might be the best center Arizona has faced all season. He has a very good hook shot to his left and is Xavier’s best passer. Defensively, Stainbrook is awful, which is why Xavier plays the 1-3-1 and hides him in it. Tarczewski is going to have to be good defensively or else the chance’s of Xavier’s offense being effective increase. We doubt either player dominates the other, but there may not be a more important matchup.

Bench: Jalen Reynolds is going to see starter minutes and is a difficult matchup for Arizona. It really depends which Reynolds shows up, because there is the one that has a ton of potential and the one that basically does not try. If the good Reynolds shows up, Xavier has no issue getting him the ball in the post. Myles Davis is Xavier’s answer to Gabe York, as he will come in and take 75 percent of his attempts from three, where he is shooting 38 percent.

Coaching: Sean Miller vs. Chris Mack

Teacher vs. Pupil. This has been blown up this week, but the reality is that Sean Miller is the better coach. He recruits better, game plans better, and has had more success. We doubt this comes down to coaching, but if it does, Arizona has the advantage.


Prediction: This game is pretty straightforward. If Arizona does what it always does and does it well, the Wildcats will win going away. If it struggles defensively, Xavier is good enough offensively to make this game way more interesting than it should be. Yes, Xavier matches up better than Ohio State did because it is bigger, but it isn’t necessarily the better team. If Stanley Johnson is hitting, this game won’t be close. It might not be anyway, but that is a major key here. If Arizona loses in this tournament, it won’t be Thursday.

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