Davis relishes underdog role

Xavier point guard Dee Davis has no issues with being the underdog. Read on to see why, what he thinks the key to beating Arizona is, and more.

When watching Arizona on film, Xavier point guard Dee Davis is quick to notice what he feels is Arizona’s biggest strength.

“They offensive rebound really well,” Davis said. “They are an overall solid team, have a good point guard, a lot of weapons to go inside and out, and a lot of weapons that can come off the bench and play. They’re a good team.”

Davis has a unique connection to Arizona and is familiar with the history between Chris Mack and Sean Miller.

“I know about it because I am Coach Mack’s first commit,” Davis said. “I never really knew Miller, but I had teammates that told me about him.

“I don’t know how much it is really going to affect our game as far as game planning and all that.”

In Davis’ first year at Xavier, he played against a sophomore T.J. McConnell at Duquesne.

“He was good,” Davis said. “He kind of plays similar, but he has a better surrounding cast this time. He is still similar to how he was back then.”

Xavier will be the underdog on Thursday and that is nothing new for Davis and company.

“We’ve always been the underdog, ever since we got in the tournament,” Davis said. “Before the tournament we were like that.

“I don’t look at it like that, I just see Arizona as the team we have to beat to move forward and we are going to prepare the best we can to do that.”

So what’s the key to victory?

“Not giving them second shots,” Davis said. “Coach Mack told me they get about 50 percent of their misses back in the tournament so far, so that is going to be a big part of our game, to make sure they don’t get many second chances on offense.”

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