Mack sees no weaknesses in Arizona

Xavier Chris Mack can't find a weakness in Arizona. Read on to see what he says about the Wildcats, T.J. McConnell, and more.

Chris Mack was certainly going to be complimentary of Arizona on Wednesday, but he went the extra step.

“Usually when I tape or we watch tape as a staff, you can point to a few weaknesses,” Mack said.

“You can say that this team doesn't do a good job in this certain area, whether it's transition defense, whether it's communicating switches defensively, whether it's they don't guard post players very well.

“That's the thing that really comes across when you watch Sean's team on tape. They don't have any weaknesses.”

By now, Arizona has heard that it is not a good shooting team, but Mack isn’t buying it.

“Some may say that they're not a very good three-point shooting team,” he said. “I do know that when you leave Gabe York open and you leave Stanley Johnson open, they make shots.

T.J. McConnell has become a much better shooter throughout his time. So I don't buy that argument that they're not a great shooting team. They may not be Villanova from the three-point line, but they're not a bad three-point shooting team.”

As hard as it is to find Arizona’s weaknesses, it’s easy to find the Wildcats’ strengths.

“There is just not a weakness that you see on film,” Mack said. “Their strengths are obvious. Their size, their athleticism, their ability to rebound the ball is as good as any team in the country.”

Much of Arizona’s success has to do with point guard T.J. McConnell, who Mack is plenty familiar with.

“He just doesn't beat himself,” Mack said. “He’s evolved. Obviously we played against him when he was at Duquesne for a couple of seasons, but he was young.

“He had some big challenges when he played our teams with Tu Holloway and Mark Lyons.”

One underrated aspect of McConnell’s game is his ability to shoot.

“His pull-up game is tremendous,” Mack said. “He does a great job of getting in the lane, getting his teammates shots, keeping everybody happy.

“A lot of times when you play against a set-the-table-type point guard, they can't score. They just can't. They've always been a pass-first guy, and they end the game with maybe three points and 11 assists, but they can't score, and you want to force them to do that.

“T.J. has shown that he'll make big shots in big moments, take big shots, and that's, to me, the sign of ultra-tough point guard, is the ability to score when his team needs to do that.”

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