Brewster Coach speaks highly of Simon

Justin Simon had a strong season at Brewster. Read on to see what his coach Jason Smith had to say about his season and more.

Justin Simon’s decision to transfer to Wolfeboro (N.H) Brewster Academy raised some eyebrows in recruiting circles, but his high school coach Jason Smith believes it has made Simon an even better player.

“Everything I heard about Justin coming in has turned out to be true,” Smith said. “He is a player that can do a multitude of things at a very high level.

"He is an incredibly talented defensive player who really takes pride in excelling on that side of the court. He can get on a variety of guys and is able to guard guys that are taller than him because he is so long. His wingspan is absolutely outstanding and is something that will help him adjust to the next level."

Smith is also happy with the season that Simon was able to put together.

“He did a tremendous job this season and it was all the more impressive because the league we play in is dominated by guys who are going to high Division I schools," he said. "We never had to worry about Justin coming to play.”

It wasn’t Simon’s on court abilities that impressed Smith the most.

“He is a great player, but, man, what a great kid," Smith said. "He does everything the right way and he is a kid that others want to play with because he will do whatever it takes to win and he does everything with that incredible smile.”

It’s Simon’s willingness to learn that Smith sees easing the transition to college basketball.

“He comes into practice each day and soaks everything in," Smith said. "He literally wants to learn and he takes coaching in the right way. He knows he doesn’t have all the answers.

“For example, he knows he isn’t a great shooter, but that doesn’t dissuade him. He spends more time than anyone in with the shooting machine and he has gotten better. I have no doubt he will become a very efficient player on the offensive end in time.”

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