Jones sees room for improvement

Cayleb Jones is happy with his progress this spring. Read on to see what he says he wants to improve on, how his teammates are doing, and more.

There isn't much spring ball left, but Cayleb Jones continues to take advantage of the practice time in hopes of improving.

"It’s going pretty good," Jones said. "It’s going by fast. We only have like five practices left, so I am taking it day by day.

"I guess I know the system now, so I can work on more individual stuff. I want to get better as a whole and work on being complete. Just developing my consistency throughout drives and conditioning. Plus, anything with routes."

Arizona's group of receivers may look a bit different, but the core has returned.

"We all miss Austin Hill of course, but it is good to see guys like Tony Ellison step up," Jones said. "Nate Phillips has come back a lot stronger and there are a lot of younger guys stepping up, so it has been nice."

The offense has been performing well all spring and it hit a high notes with an impressive performance in Saturday's scrimmage.

"We just want to click, especially between the wide receivers and quarterbacks," Jones said. "A lot of times before we scrimmage every practice we go through a whole ordeal and we’re all gassed. In the scrimmage we only warmed up 10 or 20 minutes and got rolling right away.

"It is more like a game setting, which was really nice for us. We saw a lot of guys thrive and Brandon Dawkins did a really good job of getting the guys the ball."

Jones is able to have Anu Solomon as his quarterback for the second year in a row, which has not happened since Rich Rodriguez arrived at Arizona.

"When I first got here it was Matt Scott before me and then B.J. Denker," Jones said. "Anu is in his second year, so he is established and we know he is going to be the starter.

"He’s so much further along than he was even in December. He is so much smoother and consistent. He’s also become a leader, so he has done a good job directing us."

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