Tagaloa ready to go

Freddie Tagaloa has patiently waited his turn and it has now come. Read on to see what he says about finally being able to play and more.

If Freddie Tagaloa was able to play last season, he certainly would have played a major role. The offensive lineman knew that, but still remained patient.

"Every game last year I was itching to go out there, but I am just waiting for my time to play," Tagaloa said.

Tagaloa is happy with the progress the line has made throughout the spring and he gives much of the credit to Jim Michalczik.

"Coach M is from the old school," Tagaloa said. "If you sprain your ankle he wants you to tape it up and go right back in.

"Basically we’re shaping into what he wants us to be, which is old school, grind, beating the defensive linemen down. As fast as we go, that helps us a lot too."

When watching film, Tagaloa sees a noticeable difference from last season.

"I am really happy with how far we’ve come since last year," he said. "We are watching film and Anu is having more time in the pocket, our second string quarterback is having more time in the pocket.

"That just comes with guys coming together, putting in work, and willing to put in extra hours."

Rich Rodriguez has called Tagaloa a leader, but that's not necessarily a role that he wants to separate him from his teammates.

"I am a leader in a way," Tagaloa said. "I kind of tend to not separate myself, so guys don’t view me as a leader. I am just like them.

"I have flaws and bad days, so I kind of try to keep level headed and they know I am just a player, a friend, a guy they can come to.?"

Spring football is often the same for a lot of players, but this one has a different feel for Tagaloa.

"It’s real different," he said. "Running with the ones, I have a motivation to go out there.

"Not going against the ones wasn’t bad last year, but knowing that I am right around the corner getting ready to play gives me that much more energy. I am happy to come to work and play with the guys on this field."

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