4/1 Football Notebook

Spring football continues and there is plenty of news. Read on to see what Rich Rodriguez has to say about a new offensive lineman, two players that have impressed on defense, and more.

  • David Catalano transferred from San Jose State and is expected to compete for the starting job at center.

    “He’s a big, strong kid,” Rich Rodriguez said. “He came here and he’s broken several of our records already in the weight room. He has a great attitude and I think he just wanted a shot.

    “With our situation in losing a couple offensive lineman, he’s getting a lot of reps. He’s learning to snap, he can snap it. He’s put a few on the ground, but it’s his first few practices so he’ll keep working on it. It’s important to him and I like having him.”

  • Arizona currently only has three true quarterbacks on the roster, but that does not seem to bother Rodriguez too much.

    “I know teams like Ohio State have gotten to the third quarterback, but I don’t know if anybody has gotten to the fourth one,” he said. “But if you have three and you feel you can win with all three, I think you’re okay. We’ll be able to have three that we can win with.


    “They’ve been alright. I haven’t yelled at them too much because I’ve been yelling at everybody else. They probably miss it, especially Anu. I’m waiting for August. I’m saving my voice, but it’s a good group. Coach Rod Smith has done a good job with them. They’ve gotten stronger in the weight room and it’s going to be a big summer for them.”

  • Rodriguez has been watching the secondary closely and one player that has impressed so far has been Jamar Allah.

    “I still have concerns because we lost so much experience at the safety position and we don’t have a lot of depth there,” Rodriguez said. “We have some guys coming in this summer that could provide some depth. They’ve been playing pretty hard.

    “Jamar has been in the rotation and in the nickel back situation. He knows our defense pretty well and you can see his maturity. He’s grown up in the program and he’s ready to take charge back there.”

  • Another player that has done well this spring is linebacker Derrick Turituri.

    "He's had a good spring and he had a good offseason,” Rodriguez said. “He's one of the strongest guys we have and I think Coach Casteel is really pleased with his recognition of plays, his technique at linebacker. He's made a lot of steps so far this spring.”

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