Dawkins keeps improving

Brandon Dawkins is coming off of his redshirt year and is ready to start competing for the starting job in the fall. Read on to find out why he feels more comfortable, how his spring is going, and more.

Heading into his first spring of his career at Arizona, redshirt freshman quarterback Brandon Dawkins has been working on improving his game through practices.

"So far, so good for me," Dawkins said. "I'm just trying to improve every day and I feel like I've done a good job of holding myself accountable. I'm just trying to have fun and improve."

Dawkins enjoys spring ball because he has been able to slow things down and learn the finer points of the offense.

"Spring is a little more educational," he said. "The coaches are teaching us a little more instead of just throwing us out there and having us figure it out through mistakes. We go into the classroom and review film all the time. We have more time in the spring and it is definitely helping.

"I feel like offensively, we are improving every day. The defense is getting better and everyone is doing their part. So far, so good."

Heading into Spring Camp, Anu Solomon was tabbed as the starter for the Wildcats, but Dawkins doesn't view the practices as a quarterback competition.

"I don't look at it as me going against Anu," Dawkins said. "I look at it as us competing with each other and building off of each other to get better and better. Each drive when I come back, he gives me some feedback and when he comes back, I try to help him out.

"Ultimately, we are competing against each other, but in the spring, we are just trying to improve and get better. Ultimately, the coaches decide who starts and plays and the only thing I have control over is how much I can improve."

Even though the quarterback sat out last season, he tried to take in as much information as possible in order to get him ready for the rest of his career.

"I actually came in and knew I would probably redshirt, but I wanted to take that year and soak everything in like a sponge," he said. "I learned from the other guys, B.J. (Denker), and all of the other coaches. Spring ball has been going great for me so far and I'm starting to feel like I finally got it all down and can make the right plays.

"I don't feel like I'm lost as much as I was in the fall and everything just seems like it is coming together."

Dawkins had some issues early with learning the playbook, but has made strides with the help of the coaching staff.

"Coming in and trying to learn a whole playbook is pretty difficult," Dawkins said. "The way that Coach (Rod) Smith teaches, he makes it really easy to get comfortable. He takes things step-by-step and that made it an easier transition for me.

"Now being comfortable with the playbook, I can start to feel more comfortable on the field. I can feel it and I know the coaches can see it. I just have to build upon it."

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