Cobb getting comfortable

Jamardre Cobb is hoping to make an impact after redshirting last season. Read on to see how far he has come since then and more.

Jamardre Cobb went from a star player in high school to one that had to completely learn a new system and he struggled for a variety of reasons.

Now that he has redshirted, Cobb feels much better about his place in the program.

"It was kind of rough because I was struggling with injuries and being in shape, but now I am back at it and ready to go," Cobb said.

"It feels better than when I got here in the summer because I am comfortable in the system and I am really hanging in there."

One of the main difficulties Cobb had was having to learn a completely new system.

"It is getting better because I am starting to learn the system and become comfortable," he said. "I ran a 4-3 in high school and now I am in a 3-3-5, but I am starting to get comfortable with everything."

Each linebacker has a distinct role and that is something that Cobb has grown accustomed to.

"Learning the responsibilities of being in the right place was the most important thing because when you are not in the right place it messes up the whole defense and when you are doing things right, it helps the defense," Cobb said.

"The older guys like Sir T, DeAndre Miller, Scooby Wright, Cody Ippolito, and even the guys that graduated like Hank Hobson really helped me out with whatever I need."

In addition to learning the defense, Cobb believes he is currently in the best physical shape since arriving to Arizona.

"The conditioning is way different in the spring," Cobb said. "I am in much better shape now that I was in the summer.

"I am not where I want to be yet, but I feel I can get there pretty soon. I have lost seven pounds since I have been here, so I am light right now."

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