McCoy hearing plenty from Arizona

San Diego (Calif.) Morse sophomore center Brandon McCoy is hearing from schools throughout the country. Read on for an update on his recruitment, including where Arizona stands.

San Diego (Calif.) Morse sophomore center Brandon McCoy is one of the top players at his position in the west.

Standing at 6-foot-11 with a 230-pound frame, McCoy has many of the top programs in the country heavily competing for the young center’s services.

“My recruitment has been going very well,” McCoy said. “I have spoken to a lot of coaches and I’m just going through the process right now.

“I’m still growing, so being able to see the different programs and how they develop their talent is a great experience.”

McCoy currently holds offers from Arizona, ASU, SDSU, UCLA, USC and Virginia. In addition, he is hearing from California, Kansas and Kentucky as well.

“All the schools that offered me are great programs and it’s great that they’re interested in me,” McCoy said. “I’m still open to everything any program has to say, I’m still young and all the schools seem like they are great, so I want to take my time.

“As I mature as a player I’ll give everyone a look and then start to narrow down my decision.”

Out of all the offers McCoy already has, Arizona has been one of the programs recruiting the 24th ranked prospect the hardest.

“I have been in contact with the coaches a couple times,” McCoy added. “We talk about my game and I listen to any advice they have to offer. They’re always great.

“Arizona is a very nice program and I can see they take care of their players. When I saw Arizona lose to Wisconsin, T.J. McConnell said Coach Miller was like a father to him – that impacted me a lot because it shows that Miller truly cares for his team.”

The four-star prospect feels his style of play meshes well with Arizona’s system.

“I believe I could well with Arizona,” he said. “Right now, I want to watch more of them, but I like what I’ve seen from their bigs.”

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