4/6 Football Notebook

Arizona hosted numerous visitors this weekend and continues to go through spring practice. Read on for notes on both.

  • Arizona’s spring game is on Friday and not much will change from previous years because of an overall lack of depth.

    "We probably could do more,” Rich Rodriguez said. “I think we are still a little bit low on numbers and another problem is some of the guys won't play a whole lot in the spring game. Scooby Wright and some of those guys won't take a lot of reps.

    “Once they get a handful of reps, we'll take them out and now all of a sudden your depth is even thinner. I would like to get to the point where you even it up and play a true game, but unless the NCAA changes the scholarship numbers, I don't see us changing what we are doing.”

  • The offensive line has made steady progression and Rodriguez is happy with it so far.

    Layth Friekh has done a good job and Zach Hemmila,” Rodriguez said. “I don't consider him a young guy, but he's gotten a lot of reps and gotten better. Also Lene Maiava has had a good spring. It’s been pretty good.

    “Even our walk-on David Catalano, who every once in a while will snap the ball over the stadium, has done a great job. Cayman Bundage has had a really good spring. He is in decent shape now and the thing about Cayman is that he loves to play. He is very physical and has had a great spring.”

  • Another player that has shown improvement this spring is Anu Solomon.


    “He's had a pretty solid spring,” Rodriguez said. “He is still learning some things. He can be hard headed at times, but just about every really good quarterback is hard headed to some degree. He's stronger and quicker and he's got a really good understanding of what we are doing.”

  • Arizona hosted three unofficial visitors on Saturday. Ole Miss commit David Luafatasaga was one player in attendance and, as we mentioned when he committed, Arizona is still going to aggressively recruit him because he is open to it. Leo Pili and R.J. Ti were also on campus and the coaching staff continues to evaluate them.

    Arizona commit Khalil Tate visited campus. All indications are that it went well and solidified his decision.

  • Carter Wood was awarded a scholarship. It was previously given to another player, but that player has since left the team. His name will likely be released in the next week or so.

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