Denson growing comfortable in role

Cam Denson is getting more comfortable at corner. Read on to see why that is, how spring has gone for him, and more.

Cam Denson gained plenty of experience at corner last season, but is more comfortable now than he ever was as a freshman.

“The spring is going well,” Denson said. “I am getting more comfortable with the different guys and everything just feels better. I am more accustomed to what the coaches want from me.”

Although Denson’s first summer was important, this spring has been vital for other reasons.

“I wanted to get stronger and a little faster,” Denson said. “I am also working on my technique, so coming out here has helped me more than when I first came in. It’s put me in a better place.”

Still, Denson wants to make sure that he doesn’t set expectations too high.

“I just go out there and work to get better every day,” he said. “I don’t expect anything because if you make certain expectations you can be bummed if you have a bad practice or something like that. You always look forward to the next day and try to get better.”

Arizona is relatively deep at defensive back and each player has been pushing the others.

“The competition has been great because everybody is good and can go out there and play,” Denson said.

“Even if you are just in the rotation, it is a plus. The twos are almost as good as the ones.”

One defensive back in particular has taken a role as a leader.

Jamar Allah helps me,” Denson said. “If I am having a bad day he tries to lift me up and makes sure I have confidence.

“Feeding off his energy is something positive for the defensive backs.”

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