Jamar Allah becoming a leader

Jamar Allah has no issues with being a leader. Read on to see how he is helping the younger players and more.

Jamar Allah has taken more of a leadership role this spring and it has worked out so far.

"We have progressed pretty well," Allah said. "There are a lot of young guys that came in willing to learn and wanting to play, so I think that has helped a lot.

"Everybody is basically used to it and the older guys hold the younger guys accountable. We teach them. They go over the X and O type of things, but the older guys get on them about effort and things like that."

Allah is able to be a leader because of his understanding of the defense.

"I know the system better now than I ever have," he said. "I know the ins and outs of it now, so I can play faster and know the spots I need to in order to make plays."

It's no secret that Arizona lost numerous players on the defensive side of the ball and Allah is working to ease the transition.

"The guys that came in are ready to fill the spots that guys like Jourdon, Tra’Mayne, and Tevis left," Allah said. "We know we have big shoes to fill, so we have been working extra hard to make sure they are filled."

Since Allah has been working with the younger players, there has been one in particular that has caught his eye.

"Devon Brewer, most definitely," Allah said. "That is my young guy. He comes in willing to work every day and has a good mindset.

"That is what you like as an older guy because if you don’t have to teach that, he is going to be that much better when it is time."

Allah remembers how difficult it was to adjust to Rich Rodriguez's practice speed, which is why he is working to make sure the freshmen adjust sooner than later.

"He is getting there," Allah said of Brewer. "He is progressing every practice and he will be there by the time camp comes.

"We can help them because Coach starts yelling and they get all scared and nervous, so we just kind of calm them down."

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