Parks recaps spring ball

Will Parks recently recapped spring ball. Read on to find out what he said about his own progress, replacing members of the secondary, how the quarterbacks seem different, and more.

Arizona's spring camp came to a close on Friday. One of the biggest question marks for the Wildcats heading into the summer is how well the secondary will look after losing several key members.

Junior Will Parks will play a huge role in the defensive backfield this fall and should have a big year after a productive spring.

"Spring was really good," Parks said. "I think I got my technique down pretty well. That was the main thing I wanted to work on. I think I did pretty well staying low on my cuts and coming out of my breaks so that's a positive."

Parks got his feet firmly planted into the depth chart at the spur position last fall and now, with a season under his belt, he believes that the spring practices have helped build on his skill at the position.

"Playing the spur position, I got into that at the beginning of last season and I think that experience carried over into the spring," he said. "I'm getting better at diagnosing the plays and seeing where the play is fractured. I think I'm doing a pretty good job at that as well."

As a whole, Arizona's secondary lost four major pieces at the end of the season, but the defensive back believes his teammates have already started filling in nicely.

"We accomplished a whole lot this spring," Parks said. "It was a lot more than I thought it would be. We had to fill the shoes of (Jared) Tevis, (Jonathan) McKnight, (Tra'Mayne) Bondurant, and Jourdan Grandon. Everybody did a good job filling in those positions.

"We had guys that got in extra time at practice, getting in extra film. We had guys coming in on Saturdays and Sundays at six and seven o'clock while everyone else is still sleeping. The defensive backs definitely stepped it up."

As for the rest of the defense, Parks was impressed with the coaches and their approach to the scheme, letting the defense run some different plays and packages.

"This was one of the smoother springs," he said. "A lot of guys we have coming back got in the rotation last year and I think that it was pretty big for this spring. The coaches weren't really holding things back as far as coverages and all that. They just threw everything at us and sent us out there to see what we could do."

Playing against the offense in drills, it was easy for Parks to notice how well Anu Solomon and Jerrard Randall were progressing on the other side of the ball as well.

"(Solomon) is very composed back there," Parks said. "Playing against him, I'm starting to see that he's relaxed. It's like he's sitting back there eating popcorn and watching a movie sometimes. He's doing a pretty good job and it's noticeable when you play against him.

"When Jerrard first got here and played in front of the coaches, he was a little shy. He definitely came out of his shell now. He developed and showed that he can throw the ball and we all know he can run the ball as well."

Even though spring ball just ended, Parks and the rest of his teammates are ready to get back on the field for the regular season.

"Losing two straight games to end the season was pretty rough," Parks said. "I think we brought a lot of hunger into this spring. If we had to go out and play a game tomorrow, we would go out there with tenacious attitudes and just be ready to lay our hats on somebody else. We are definitely looking forward to this August."

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