Jackson taking his time

Josh Jackson is one of the best players in the country regardless of class. Read on to see what he has to say about his recruitment, when he will decide, and more.

A case can be made that Napa (Calif.) Prolific Prep junior small forward Josh Jackson is the best NBA prospect in the high school ranks.

Making Jackson’s potential even more impressive is that he is fully aware of his strengths and weaknesses.

“I would say what separates me right now is that I can get up and run faster than almost anyone,” Jackson said. “But that isn’t going to be the case forever.

“I know I’ve got to get better with all of my perimeter skills. Things like ballhandling and shooting, but also just focusing on each possession.”

Any program in the country would love to acquire Jackson’s services.

“It’s the same list of schools," he said. "I’m going to continue to narrow it down, but those are the places that have done the best job recruiting me and the places that I’m the most interested in.

"I don’t have visits set up yet, but those will for sure come up in the next few weeks.”

As of now, Jackson is not sure when he will make a decision.

“I have no idea when I will choose a place. I want to find that perfect school that has the coach and gets out and runs the way that I’d like to play.

“This summer will be big but I don’t think I’m going to be able to make a decision that big for quite a bit. Too much to think about.”

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