Richards hoping to be productive

David Richards is hoping to be productive this season. Read on to see how his spring went, his thoughts on Anu Solomon, and more.

David Richards is expected to have his biggest role since arriving to Arizona and feels his spring was a step toward that.

"I think the spring was productive," Richards said. "As a whole, we did well and competed and made each other better."

One reason why the receivers have improved is the play of quarterback Anu Solomon.

"I think it is night and day," Richards said. "Anu has developed more and knows the offense inside and out. He knows the right decisions to make every play.

"Every time you go past the weight room he is in there and he is doing a great job of throwing on the weekends. I think he is doing a great job of being a leader."

When asked how he hopes to do this upcoming season, Richards prefers to focus on the collective.

"I am just out there trying to do my job and help the team so we can do well and not end the season like we did last year," he said.

"I’m not focused on myself. Hopefully I can be productive and I plan to be, so hopefully I can make a big difference."

In order to be productive, Richards has continued to work on numerous aspects of his game.

"Just coming off the ball and making sure my routes are right," he said. "I think just being comfortable out there and knowing the offense and what to do, playing 100 percent all the time."

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