Modster's coach breaks down commitment

Nobody knows Devon Modster's game as well as his coach. Read on to see what Matt Poston had to say about what he will bring to Arizona and more.

Arizona received a commitment from Las Flores (Calif.) Tesoro quarterback Devon Modster and his head coach Matt Poston is happy with the way that he handled his recruitment.

“In my opinion, I think he did an outstanding job going through the whole process,” Poston said. “He really took his time, he made visits to all the schools he was seriously interested in.

“He went to Arizona twice, UCLA twice, Boise State, Washington State, etc. When he told me he narrowed it down to Arizona, UCLA, and Boise, I felt confident he was going to have a good situation no matter where he went.”

Each of those schools has a young starting quarterback, but Modster consistently said that he was not afraid of competition.

That is why his recruitment simply came down to where he was most comfortable and fit in the best.

“Quite honestly wherever he would have gone he would have been competing with someone,” Poston said. “The U of A offense is almost like it was made for him. I think it is as good of a fit as you could possibly have.

“We do a lot of the same stuff with our offense. I think he is going to the perfect system for him. A lot of it is who watched you the most and Arizona was way in front of everybody in terms of that.”

Modster did not rush through the process, but the ideal situation was always having him come to an early decision.

“For any high school kid if you have the opportunity to get it done before the senior year, I think it takes a huge weight off of their shoulders,” Poston said. “That is kind of what we always talked about.

“Do what you need to do in order to make the right informed decision, but if we can get it done in spring or even summer, to not have that worrisome feeling over you as you go through your senior year is huge.

“I think he is excited now that he made his commitment to recruit other great players to Arizona.”

In order to make sure that he is ready for college, Poston believes that Modster simply needs to do what he has been.

“He needs to keep on the track that he’s on,” Poston said. “Two years ago he was a sophomore starting on varsity for us, so everything was fast and most of the kids he was playing against were one or two years older than him.

“He did a great job and was an all-league quarterback as a sophomore. Last year he took it to another level and I think was one of the most dominant players in Orange County.

“If he just keeps doing the things that he is doing, working hard and continuing to grow in our offense, as he progresses as a quarterback for us that will translate for when he does get to Arizona.”

Modster may be known as a dual-threat quarterback, but his head coach believes he could succeed without his running ability.

“Sometimes he needs to be more selfish,” Poston said. “There are a lot of times where he can make a play on his own and he defers and tries to get the ball to a teammate when sometimes he needs to keep the ball because he is a dynamic runner and the option is there.

“It’s hard to say that is something he needs to work on. The thing about Devon to me is that he could make all the throws. Even if he couldn't run a lick, he is the prototypical quarterback in that he has a strong arm, can throw all the routes.

“Then you put in the fact he is a special athlete, it seems like a lot of college football is trending toward these kids that are both dangerous with their arm and their feet.”

Still, Modster’s ability to run is a big aspect of what separates him from other quarterbacks.

“His best attribute and what separates him from other guys is I think because of his demeanor, he can make a play when the original play isn’t there,” Poston said.

“He can extend a play by scrambling around in the pocket or buy some extra time to allow a receiver to get open or hit him down the field. It seems like a lot of times he does something special to extend the drive.”

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