4/24 Basketball Notebook

Stanley Johnson wasn't the only topic of discussion on Thursday. Read on to see what Sean Miller had to say about Kaleb Tarczewski, recruiting, and more.

  • Sean Miller did not hide the fact that Stanley Johnson going to the NBA will likely be used as a recruiting tool in the future.

    "When things like this happen, it is the greatest gift that we can have because there are going to be future young people that are going to watch Stanley do what he did at Arizona and watch him for years to come and they’re going to want to emulate him and be like him," Miller said.

    "That is part of why Stanley came to Arizona. Before he ever got here, he watched people like him come here and reach their dream."

  • Arizona fans certainly were not the only ones stressed these past few weeks.

    "The month of April is by far the hardest month to be a college basketball coach," Miller said. "I am looking forward to May 1 and I speak for the other 351 coaches out there.

    "It’s very fluid. There’s a lot going on. You’re recruiting your future, you are dealing with the current players."

  • The next decision to be made is Kaleb Tarczewski and it will likely come down Friday.

    "Kaleb I would say is close to a conclusion and I would say in the next day or so is when we will find out what he is doing," Miller said. "We have had a lot of dialogue, but I don’t want to speak for Kaleb. That time will be coming shortly."

  • Now that Johnson is gone and Arizona missed out on Damion Lee, Arizona will look to fill one roster spot.

    "The reality of it is that we could potentially add one more," Miller said. "Kaleb is the last piece to our puzzle, but in addition to finding out where he is, I think there is a chance we could add one more. I don’t look at us as trying to add more than one.

    "Whether that is a fifth year transfer that is eligible immediately, somebody from high school, or somebody that could sit out like T.J. McConnell or Ryan Anderson did, I think for us all options are open.

    "That also doesn’t mean we have to automatically make that our focus, but I think the class of 2016 is going to be a big one for us and we’re hard at that as well."

  • When asked if the one and done players would change Miller's strategy, Arizona's head coach pointed to his recent success.

    "I think we like the model that we have," Miller said. "If you look at the success we’ve had, especially over the last three years, we have been moving toward the coveted Final Four and competing for high seeds in the tournament, being able to be very successful in the Pac-12, playing aggressive non-conference schedules against the best programs in the country, we’ve had our success. I think when you have it, you want to continue it.

    "With young players that are going to be in school briefly, you want them to be quality people. Stanley and Aaron Gordon had great high school coaches form terrific high schools. Rondae same thing.

    "What you get is a quality person and a winner, somebody that even though they are very talented and can potentially leave your program quickly, while they are here they understand it is about being a great teammate and practicing hard, playing not only offense but defense."

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