Roster Analysis: Tight End

Arizona has more talent at tight end than it has had in years. Read on to see where each player stands in the rotation and more.

Now that Spring football is complete, it is a good opportunity to take a look at each position and where it stands going into the summer, continuing with tight end.

Arizona has more options at tight end than maybe any other team Rich Rodriguez has ever coached, or at least it feels that way.

There aren’t many players on Arizona that made as big of a jump from last spring to this one as Josh Kern.

A player that was recruited as a quarterback, Kern finally looked like he fits in at tight end and he had the best spring of the bunch.

As solid as Kern has looked, he certainly will not be the only one to get a legitimate number of snaps.

Trevor Wood is one of the highest regarded recruits that Rodriguez has landed at Arizona and he had some difficulties adjusting to the offense, thus seeing a move to the defensive side of the ball.

The coaching staff was consistent in saying that the move was because of depth issues and it appears that is true, as Wood spent the entire spring at tight end.

At 6-foot-5 and over 250 pounds, Wood is the biggest target on Arizona’s offense and it makes sense that Rodriguez would try to isolate him in order to create mismatches against the opposition.

Matt Morin is a newcomer that could be ready to contribute and he has a big summer ahead of him. Unlike most newcomers, Morin had the spring to get adjusted to the speed of everything Arizona does in addition to learning his role in the offense.

Throughout the spring, Morin was moved around a bit because of his athletic ability. We still see him getting plenty of opportunities and moved into positions that create mismatches.

Freshman Darrell Cloy might be a season away, but the coaching staff has been working with him to make sure that he comes an effective blocker before anything.

If Cloy can block, especially with the run, there is going to be playing time for him. Arizona has so many options at tight end that Cloy may not see a ton of playing time right away, but we think it will be there for him eventually.

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