Roster Analysis: Wide Receiver

Arizona has plenty of talent at wide receiver. Read on to see the players that make up that talent and what to expect from each.

Now that Spring football is complete, it is a good opportunity to take a look at each position and where it stands going into the summer, continuing with wide receiver.

Last season, wide receiver was supposed to be a strength of the team and while the unit as a whole was fine, it battled some inconsistency and had disappointing moments.

There’s no question that Cayleb Jones is the most talented of the bunch and it is natural to expect a jump from last season.

Watching Jones throughout the spring, Anu Solomon easily looked for him the most and even though Jones was successful last season, there were plenty of instances where we seemingly just wanted Solomon to force him the ball because Jones is good enough to go get it.

Samajie Grant will be remembered for his late-season incident, but he probably deserves more than that based on his production.

There aren’t many players on Arizona that are better pound for pound and although Grant made a mistake, it doesn’t even come close to meaning that he has issues.

Grant is the second best receiver on Arizona and might be its most consistent option. He runs fantastic routes and when he doesn’t, is good enough to make the adjustment.

Beyond those two, there are some questions. Trey Griffey is going to have a chance to step up and become a more consistent receiver. He has the talent, but tends to wander off a bit mentally and it certainly impacts his game.

David Richards is the receiver that we feel is the most likely to break out. He is in great shape and looks like a tight end. Tony Dews spoke highly of Richards and he was just as impressive as any other wide receiver this spring.

Nate Phillips is a bit of a forgotten man because of his injury last season, but he is seemingly healthy. Phillips is one of Arizona’s best deep threats when healthy and has the ability to put together a few big games.

Tyrell Johnson is one of the fastest players in the country, but that does not always translate to the football field.

He is always going to be fast and now is the time that he needs to prove that he can sue that speed to become a better receiver. Johnson is going to get carries and short passes in order to get him in the open field, as the coaching staff showed a determination to get him the ball this spring.

Tony Ellison is a player that got high reviews this spring due in large part to how he runs his routes. He is very technically sound and has the speed to break away from his defender. It would not be surprising at all to see Ellison put together a nice season.

There is no denying that Arizona has more than enough talent at wide receiver as long as it is able to maintain consistency.

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