Roster Analysis: Offensive line

Arizona's offensive line has plenty of depth. Read on to see who the projected starters are and what other players are in the rotation.

Now that Spring football is complete, it is a good opportunity to take a look at each position and where it stands going into the summer, continuing with wide receiver.

The most noticeable difference between this season and last season’s offensive line is at left tackle.

Freddie Tagaloa is eligible after transferring from California and it would be a surprise if he wasn’t automatically the best offensive lineman Arizona has. Forget the fact that he is a ridiculous 6-foot-8, 316 pounds, Tagaloa’s technique and overall strength is as good as any lineman in the conference.

With the way last season ended, Cayman Bundage has plenty to prove at guard. Somehow he went and gained way too much weight during Christmas Break and found himself on the bench during the Fiesta Bowl as the coaching staff wondered if he was going to eat himself out of the program.

Bundage looks to be in better shape this spring, but it is easy to think that he is going to have a shorter leash considering how many people he disappointed at the end of the season.

One player that likely is not going to disappoint is Jacob Alsadek, who will hold down the right guard spot.

Alsadek has emerged as a leader on the offensive line and seems to improve with extended action. He has a firm grip on his spot and is one of the more consistent offensive linemen that Arizona currently has.

At right tackle is Lene Maiava, who may be a bit underrated. Arizona likes him because of his versatility, but he is finally at the point where he won’t be moved around any more unless Arizona absolutely has to.

The biggest question on the offensive line is easily at center, where Carter Wood is currently considered the starter.

Wood knows the offense well, but at 6-foot-2, 274 pounds, his size is going to be an issue that never goes away. Ideally, Arizona find a bigger option at center, but Wood is ahead of the other options because he is simply ahead in terms of his knowledge of what Arizona wants to do.

Zach Hemmila is considered the backup center and he had an impressive spring, drawing compliments from his head coach If Hemmila puts together a solid summer, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see him surpass Wood.

Beyond the starters, Arizona has some depth. Layth Friekh can play numerous positions and will start backing up Tagaloa. Kaige Lawrence finally got some playing time in the spring and could be a rotation guy to keep an eye on. Levi Walton and T.D. Gross will seem some snaps as well.

Arizona’s depth on the offensive line is just fine and there really should not be much of a drop off from last season, especially with how good Tagaloa is.

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