Roster Analysis: Cornerback

Arizona has numerous options at cornerback, but questions as well. Read on for a closer look at the position going into the summer.

Now that Spring football is complete, it is a good opportunity to take a look at each position and where it stands going into the summer, continuing with cornerback.

Needing some depth, Arizona made the decision to switch Davonte’ Neal to defense and the move is working out.

Neal was a high level corner in high school and there were plenty of people that felt his future was at defense. It did not work out offensively for him at Arizona, but Neal’s move to defense is likel;y to be successful.

The cornerback still has to learn how the defense works along with some other technique, but his speed and the fact that the position is not completely new to him has already been helping him considerably.

Cam Denson is likely going to be a starter considering how fast he learned the position last season. Like any freshman corner, Denson had his low moments where he got beat deep, but the experience is going to pay off.

In terms of athleticism, Denson is right there with anybody else on the defensive side of the ball. Often times a major jump is made from freshman to sophomore year and we would be surprised if Denson did not follow that pattern.

Jarvis McCall is the third corner that is guaranteed to be in the rotation. Heading into the spring, we would have said that he was going to be a starter. Instead, it is more up in the air now because he missed the entire spring with an injury.

People forget that McCall is not a veteran by any means and his progression even came to the surprise of the coaching staff.

Having McCall healthy for the spring would have been huge for his development, so now he is going to have to put it together for the summer or risk losing his starting job. Even if that does happen, McCall is going to see plenty of snaps, thus it is not a large concern in the grand scheme of things.

Beyond those three, there are some questions. Devin Holiday is probably the second back up, but he has yet to impress and certainly does not have a solid grip on the position.

The issue is that there really is not anybody ready to step up and take the job from him. Kwesi Mashack did not really do enough for us to give him consideration and although Arizona is bringing in a handful of corners, it is not an easy position to learn.

Arizona has some options at cornerback, which is better than not having any. However, there are still a ton of questions at the position, many of which Arizona is hoping to have answers for once the summer is over.

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