Roster Analysis: Safety

Despite there being questions, Arizona has plenty of talent in the secondary. Read on for a complete look at the position.

Now that Spring football is complete, it is a good opportunity to take a look at each position and where it stands going into the summer, continuing with the secondary.

It remains to be seen whether or not Arizona can fill the void left by Tra’Mayne Bondurant, but there is certainly going to be plenty of athleticism at both the spur and bandit spots.

If there is a player that is going to be able to force turnovers and change the tide of a game like Bondurant did, it is going to be Will Parks.

Playing the spur position, Parks is going to be called upon to be one of the leaders on the defense and has done a nice job of continually improving.

In addition to Parks, Arizona will ask for a contribution from Anthony Lopez. Parks is the better all-around player, which is why he is the starter, but it is easy to like Lopez’s consistency.

Simply put, the coaching staff trusts Lopez to do his job and that is a big step toward receiving playing time.

The bandit position is probably more of a question mark than spur, but there is certainly some talent there.

Tellas Jones is one of the most physically impressive players on defense and it is a matter of the mental aspect catching up with the physical.

From what we saw in near the end of last season and into the spring, Jones has made great strides in that area.

While we expect Jones to get the majority of the playing time, Paul Magloire might force the coaches into finding a way to get him on the field.

Usually there is an adjustment to the speed and schemes, but Magloire has done a great job of being as ready as any newcomer can be. In fact, he had his fair share of impressive moments this spring and continued improvement this summer means that you will be seeing plenty of Magloire on the field.

At free safety, we are expecting big things from Jamar Allah. His coaches and teammates both spoke very highly of the progress he has made and Allah will be the first to admit that he understands the game now more than ever.

With there being some youth in the secondary, it makes sense that Allah steps in as one of the leaders.

Behind Allah is Devon Brewer, who will see some time as a freshman. Brewer is another fast learner and the coaching staff likes what he brings to the field physically.

The secondary certainly has its questions, but it also has its talent as well. If the younger players are able to continue their progression, there shouldn’t be a major drop off from last season.

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