Floyd's recruitment taking off

Las Vegas forward Greg Floyd has seen his recruitment take off as of late. Read on to see why his AAU coach thinks that is and more.

Las Vegas Desert Pines forward Greg Floyd is one of the fastest rising players in 2017.

It helps that he has made enormous strides in his game and programs from around the country are now taking notice.

“Man, it’s been quick,” Las Vegas Knicks AAU coach Lamar Bigby said. “I don’t think me or Greg anticipated that this would all happen so fast.

“I always knew what type of talent he had and his potential as a basketball player, but I could have never imagined he’d blow up this fast.”

The 6-foot-6, 170-pound forward has already been offered by a multitude of programs and Bigby predicts the offers will keep pouring in.

“There’s a lot, so I can break them down by conference,” Bigby said. “In the Pac-12 Greg has been offered by Arizona, Washington, USC and Cal.

“In the Mountain West Greg has been offered by UNLV, San Diego State, Colorado State, Fresno State and Utah State.

“He’s also picked up some offers from UMass, Kansas State, TCU, West Virginia and some schools from the ACC like Virginia, Seton Hall and Boston College."

Both Bigby and Floyd think highly of the Arizona offer.

“Greg has more than enough offers right now and to me he has the best offer on the west of the Mississippi in Arizona," Bigby said. "It doesn’t get much better than Arizona.”

As Floyd’s recruitment took off, there was a feeling that an offer from Arizona was imminent.

“I had a feeling that something was coming,” he said. “Coach Stoudamire looked at Greg very hard the second live period. I think he was at every game.

“I knew they were going to be really involved, but what I didn’t know was that Greg made such an impression on Arizona’s staff that they offered now. I thought the offer would come later, but for it to come now says a lot about how Arizona sees Greg.”

There is no timetable on a decision, but Bigby plans to keep the process moving a timely manner.

“We want to cut his list to 12 schools by the end of July or beginning of August,” he said. “Going into his junior year we feel 12 schools is a good start and we will go from there.

“This is just a start, though. Of course he’s going to take his visits and go through the process, but we want to narrow it down before that time.”

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