Hamilton looking at options

Los Angeles (Calif.) Verbum Dei 2016 athlete Davir Hamilton will soon see his recruitment pick up. Read on to see which schools he has heard from and more.

Los Angeles (Calif.) Verbum Dei 2016 athlete Davir Hamilton is one of the more talented players in California and much of the Pac-12 has started to notice a player that has the build and explosiveness to make a big impact at the next level.

Fortunately for much of the conference, Hamilton is accepting recruiting newcomers.

“I like everybody right now,” Hamilton said. “I’m getting a lot of interest from places like Colorado and Arizona State. A bunch of schools like that. Some are recruiting me harder than the others, but I’m open to anyone right now."

When looking at the schools recruiting him, Hamilton will be paying close attention to the coaches.

“The schools that will probably make the cut further on are the ones that have coaches I like and the kind of offense that can get me the ball and let me get up field," Hamilton said.

"A lot of it is how I feel when I talk with the coaches, but also if it seems they have a history of getting the most out of their players.”

Tradition will play a very important role in Hamilton’s decision.

“I want to go to place where what they are telling me will happen has already happened," Hamilton said. "I get that a lot of teams are at different stages, but I have to see something.”

Hamilton plans to stand pat until June and then start to look at his options.

“By then I will know who likes me and I’ll move from there," he said. "It’s early right now, but in a month or so the teams that are interested will need to be recruiting me.

"I’d like to cut my list down to five at some point during the season then make a decision sometime shortly after.”

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