Gutwald focusing on two

Matthew Gutwald is focusing his attention on two Pac-12 schools. Read on to see which schools those are and more.

Like many other star football players, Dublin (Calif.) 2016 offensive lineman Matthew Gutwald excels at another sport.

“I play a lot of rugby and I’m still playing now,” Gutwald said.” I love it just because it allows me to be aggressive in an athletic environment.”

This aggression translates to the football field.

“That’s one of the things coaches tell me is that they can tell I love football and I love doing all things that a lot of players don’t take a lot of pride in," Gutwald said.

Gutwald figures to have his choice of numerous Pac-12 schools.

Arizona and Oregon are the two teams that I’m most interested in right now," he said. "Anytime you get a school like Oregon to offer that is a huge deal.

"I mean, look at what they’ve done the last five years. It’s insane. It really is. And you can tell that they are set up for the long haul. This definitely isn’t a program that is going to fall on hard times any time soon."

In addition to Oregon, Arizona is in line for a visit.

“At Arizona, it’s the fact that they’ve made me a super big priority. They’ve been talking to me on twitter for a long time now.

"Like Oregon, Arizona is a school that I am going to trip to. I really want to do that this summer, time permitting."

Gutwald also hopes to visit other schools as well.

“I imagine I will probably get to the LA schools as well," he said. "There’s a ton of reasons that any player would want to get to both campuses.”

Don’t expect a commitment any time soon.

“I think I will probably decide where I am going to play in college during the middle of the season," Gutwald said. "I’m guessing that could change, though.”

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