Hawkins hearing from Arizona

Palm Springs (Calif.) 2016 linebacker Tyler Hawkins does not have an offer from Arizona, but is hoping to add one. Read on for his thoughts on his recruitment and more.

If it wasn’t for a mid-season injury Palm Springs (Calif.) 2016 linebacker Tyler Hawkins sustained, he might be recruited at a higher level right now.

“I think some of the reason that I might not have more offers is because I was injured and only played in four games last season,” Hawkins said.

“I think when coaches get to see more they will see that I’m a legit 6-foot-3, but unlike some other guys that size, I’m not goofy, I’m a really good athlete and am a really hard worker."

Hawkins currently holds one offer, but is hearing from plenty of others.

“My only offer right now is San Jose State, but I just got back from a visit to San Diego State," he said. "It was a pretty good time. I could definitely see myself going back there soon.

"Arizona has sent me some stuff also. The offensive line coach is recruiting me. I’m not sure if they will start to recruit me harder or anything, but I’m definitely open.”

The three-star linebacker is a prospect who knows what his role will be at the next level.

“I think I can become one of those guys that can play with his hand on the ground or play from the standup linebacker spot," Hawkins said.

"That’s kind of the wave of the future. Looking at all these pass rushers going to the NFL, it kind of gives you the blueprint for what teams are looking for.”

In the meantime, Hawkins is going to take a wait and see approach to his recruitment.

“I don’t know when I will declare, a lot of it is going to depend on if my recruitment will pick up," he said. "It feels good to know that I have that offer, but I definitely would like to hear from other teams as well.”

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